At times, your business might be going south. Little revenue. A slow flow of customers and low sales. Particularly, if you deal with season-demand driven products such as clothes, there will be a time making a sale will be by chance. Or else, you are a startup trying to move from one level to the other. Regardless of the status, you will need a credit card reader in your business. Missing one leads to losing sales for customers without other payment options. However, your current status may not allow you to afford a paid-up plan. Hence, a free credit card reader plan can be a good idea. Here are the top free options:

Quickbooks Gopayment  

QuickBooks is a leading accounting solution that helps companies to manage their books of accounts. As such, it is a trusted brand across the world. The company launched Gopayment to help entrepreneurs enjoy smooth transactions in their business. This is a credit and debit card reader consisting of an app and small device that you plug on your smartphone. Also, the card reader integrates with your business systems to ensure streamlined operations. However, to enjoy the free reader, you must sign up to the QuickBooks account or activate the old one. Thus, if you do not have the cash for this activity, the option may not be a good option for you.

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While this is a paid option, it has a free version that enables businesses with budgetary constraints to process their cards. The provider enables you to use your mobile device to read most of the common credit and debit cards. For you to use the service, you require a PayAnywhere account and the credit card, reader. If you are worrying where to get one here is the deal.

Upon signing up for this account, the provider will ship the credit card reader for free.  With it, you can easily process payments.  However, the PayAnywhere may not have essential features found in other card readers, but it is a good option for people with budgetary constraints.

Square chip card reader

Square is another hybrid card reading solution. By hybrid, it means that they provide a free and paid options. The reader has an easy to use interface and can work with different types of phones. Also, it is free to download the app on your phone. However, you will be paying some fees for each transaction you process.

In a word, limited budgets should no longer be a barrier to credit card process. If you are facing this situation, you can go for the free credit card readers.