Mobile credit card readers are great for those who want to get rid of check-out lines, cut paperwork and speed up their business activities. But, the market is full of mobile credit card reader options and business owners are wondering which one is the best. Although every business is different and has different needs and requirements, there are a few things that every great card reader has. When choosing a mobile credit card reader, take a closer look at these things:

Is it easy to start?

There are many mobile credit card readers that are very easy to use. You don’t need any special knowledge or training to start using them right away. There are also readers that are requesting credit/background checks before they start working. This is an important issue for those who are planning on using these devices ASAP.

Bank/merchant account

There are mobile credit card readers that can be used only when you create a merchant account. This account holds the money you receive. After that, you can transfer these funds to your business bank account. On the other hand, some card readers are setting up direct links to the bank account. This is an option that provides quick access to the money you’ve earned.

Customer service

The most reputable mobile credit card processing companies provide 24/7 support. However, there are many of them that have support only during standard business hours. This is not a problem for those who are running a business that matches the standard working hour. But, if you are taking payments at night you may consider the first option. It can be quite uncomfortable to find yourself in a problematic situation with your client when you can’t get any support.

Accounting software integration

It would be best to look for mobile credit card readers that have an ability to integrate with popular accounting software solutions like FreshBooks or QuickBooks. A solution like this will provide an easier business management.


Don’t forget that every mobile credit card reader comes with specific processing costs. They usually take a small percentage of the total sale amount and some of them have extra flat fees too. This is something that you can’t avoid, but it would be best to stick to options that have a clear fee structure.

Follow these tips to find the best mobile credit card, reader.